Edinburgh 9 Feb 2023 | Doors 7.30pm show 8.30pm tickets £15 here

Newcastle 11 Feb 2023| Doors 4pm show 5-6pm tickets £15 here

A Live Nation Presentation

Welcome to the days of mind your own business and don’t comment on others business. Not their gender, sexuality, body, hair, education or career. Also, welcome to the days of total oversharing on social media, but STILL, mind your own business. We want to talk about things and want everyone to know IT’S PERSONAL! This is a show about keeping your cards close to your chest but walking around naked. Can we have it all? Yes, but also bloody no but also it’s none of your business because IT’S PERSONAL.

Buy soon, buy quick. The proof is in the pudding. Carlson is a guaranteed sell-out - catch her while you can.

'Effortlessly likeable... stream of belly-laughs.' - The Age

'Carlson is a gifted and accomplished comedian - an absolute must-see.' - Appetite for the Arts

'Belly laughs and guffaws aplenty.' ★★★★★ - The Music