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Take three top academics, three dangerous ideas, add one comedian and it’s the force of nature that is the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CODI).

As part of Explorathon 2020, CODI is sixty minutes of rapid-fire research from some of the finest minds in the country. Curated by the University of Edinburgh as part of Beltane Public Engagement Network and produced by Fair Pley, CODI moves online to a live stream compilation format, with a live Q&A through the Live Stream page chat box function.

‘A fascinating discussion' Broadway Baby

‘All of the CODI talks are designed to challenge their audiences' Lancet

THE CABARET OF DANGEROUS IDEAS Saturday 28 November 2020 | 4pm BST 

Ruining the Beautiful Game!

Many professional football clubs are now international corporations, not local teams. Join Mason Robbins (The University of Edinburgh) to explore the economics of modern football, where clubs like FC Barcelona utilise non-traditional partnerships, digital transformations, and innovation to build €1 Billion annual revenue-generation businesses. Examine the decision-making processes that go into running world class football organisations - from internal pressures to external influences. In a world of multi-million-pound transfers and sponsorship deals can local teams, youth and women’s leagues, and the fans still be part of the beautiful game?

Bilingualism: magic cure-all?

What are the real benefits and challenges of learning more than one language? Is bilingualism difficult, confusing and unneeded? Alternatively does it bring better brains, health and happiness? Antonella Sorace (The University of Edinburgh/Bilingualism Matters) will uncover the truth about language learning and show why speaking more than one language is good for individuals. But can it also help unite fractured societies? Is bilingualism a magic cure-all for our times?

My neighbour hacked my toothbrush!

Every day schools, hospitals, and businesses are under attack. But as we connect our devices to the internet, criminals have moved the dark web into our homes. Who are the cybercriminals, and what do they want? Is your fridge spying on you? What is your kettle up to? Are those wireless headphones listening to your thoughts? Find out how and why you, your home and your gadgets are under attack. Cyber security expert Garry Scobie (The University of Edinburgh) reveals the scale of the online battle for your house and how to fight back!

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Sunday 29 November 2020 | 4pm BST

Talking is bad for you

We are told that talking about our problems is good for us, but is that always true? What if talking about problems is actually bad for us, making us feel worse and helpless? What if complaining and moaning is toxic to our mental health? We’re told ‘it’s good to talk’, so what are we supposed to do instead? Join Rayya Ghul (The University of Edinburgh) to find out how the way we talk about problems matters and learn a new way of discussing your issues that makes you feel better, hopeful and more capable.

Stroke - Finding the new normal

Dr Colin Chandler (The University of Edinburgh) tells stories of young people who are getting their lives back after stroke. Life happens and strokes happen at any age. What determines what happens next? Why do some people move on and thrive and others get bogged down and lost? How do life goals change? What support makes a difference? And what can you do if stroke happens to you or someone you love?

Wild child?

Contact with nature is good for children’s health, development, and education so why is it so rare to see kids playing outside these days? What’s stopping them? What are they doing instead? Do we need to rewild the child? In this show Dr Nina Morris (The University of Edinburgh) looks at children’s access to, and engagement with, nature, and asks whether adults (parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, etc.) could be doing more to encourage outdoor play. Is it simply that lifestyles have changed? Or do adults themselves need to find their inner child and become a little bit wilder?

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