Glasgow & Newcastle Shows

The show centres around finding out a relative on my father’s side was queer. Alfred Drake was not only a leading man in Broadway musicals in the 1940s and 1950s, he was also my Grandfather’s cousin and a real hero within my family. His last name was actually Capurro of course, and my Dad only told me very recently that Al had been a gay man.
This really blew my mind, a role model growing up would’ve been nice; but it also made me wonder what do you we know about anyone, even and perhaps especially people whom we admire? Or love?
The show is titled “Scott Capurro: Blown Away” and I discuss forgiving peeps their indiscretions. Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Shemima Begum, my dead stepmother (who’s funeral I discuss) and my husband all play a part in the show

Tickets: £10/£8

Glasgow Show
Sunday 17th May Tickets Here

Newcastle Show
Monday 18th May Tickets Here