Mark joins the touring concert parties of the culture war in his show 50 Things About Us.

Using his trademark style of storytelling, stand-up, subversion and really, really, well researched material he sets out to try and find out how the hell we ended up in the middle of this shit show.

50 Things About Us is a show about songs, gongs, loot, tradition, wigs, nicking, statues, art and identity. A sort of funny national edition of Who Do You Think You Are?

Mark says,
“Look, I have been doing this for 34 years. I have gone from stand-up to theatre and half way back again. It’s another slightly odd show, a sort of sweary, History Channel with laughs and creative mischief. If you’ve seen my shows before, this one is going to be a show in the vein of 100 Acts of Minor Dissent.”


Saturday 19th June 2021
Doors 3pm | Show 4pm TICKETS HERE

Sunday 20th June 2021
Doors 3pm | Show 4pm TICKETS HERE

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