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AYE RIGHT? HOW NO'? The Comedy Countdown To The Referendum

A sideways, satirical look at the big choice facing Scotland in 2014.  Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister look at some of the big issues and many of the smaller ones behind the Referendum.

Not sure what it’s all about. This might help you make up your mind – then again, it might not.

With special guests Jim Smith, Propaganda Now, Mark Nelson and Gary Little 
A mix of stand-up and panel-show comedy, plus poetry, political comment, music and spoken word.  

'Amusing and thought-provoking'  STV
'Insightful, satirical political comedy' Skinny
'Satirical barbs and neat twists on Scotland’s culture' Scotsman
'An insightful, comedic look into the Scottish psyche' ThreeWeeks