Lee Kyle: The Original Show Title Was Too Long

Date:Sunday 3rd April 2016


Doors Open:19:00

Show Begins:20:30

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Following on from his debut show 'The Ultimate Worrier', Lee Kyle (Easily one of the top ten comedians in South Tyneside) returns with his new show, which was called 'I came here to burn this place to the ground and make a table and I'm all out of table making equipment... and matches' until it was agreed that that is way too long and ludicrous.

What's it about? Well, it's sort of about frustration and acceptance and shyness and stuff like that but it's mostly a man being stupid and trying his hardest to be as funny as he can. There's also a twist in it about 40 minutes in but I can't really say what it is because that would kind of ruin it. 

If you have seen him do comedy and liked it, you might like this show, if you have seen him and thought he was rubbish, this might change your mind I suppose, probably not. If you don't rate him, I'm perplexed as to why you're even reading this really. 

If you've never heard of Lee, then, I don't know, it's probably worth a punt, these people liked him and he's quite a nice man: 

'Top up-and-coming comedy performer' BBC 

'Quirky and original... the highlight of the night' GiggleBeats 

'Very funny' Manchester Evening News 

'Had everyone on their feet – Sublimely ridiculous' Northern Echo 

'A brilliant performance...pure genius' NARC Magazine


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