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Join The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas and challenge your preconceptions on hot button issues!

What changes when you become bilingual?

Did you know that learning a second language changes your first language? And did you know that having more than one language in the brain can change the way you think? Join Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh and Bilingualism Matters) to discover why being bilingual is so much more than simply speaking two languages, and why this is important for our increasingly multilingual societies.

Fake News Kills World!

Before going mainstream in 2016, fake news was principally used to attack climate science. Richard Milne (The University of Edinburgh) sets about busting those climate myths, showing how to dismantle false claims with logic and analogies - no expertise necessary! You’ll examine tactics used by opponents of climate science, and their close similarities to those employed to promote Brexit and Trump, often by the exact same people. No matter how scary climate change may be, might fake news kill the planet first?

There is food served at this performance. Please find our more here

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  • Date
    05 December 2019
  • Venue
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  • Doors:
    17:00 approx
  • Starts:
    17:30 approx
  • Finishes:
    18:30 approx
  • Duration:
    60 mins approx
  • Age
    18 And Above (18+)
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