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Join The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas and challenge your preconceptions on hot button issues!

Are Women Assholes?

Women are constantly measuring one another by ideals of thinness, beauty, ‘best mommy practices’, and keeping a happy home with a happy partner. Why? Are their values warped? Are they not happy with themselves, or are they afraid of being alone? Why is single status so threatening? Does competitiveness drive their insecurities or do women’s insecurities drive their competitiveness?

Amy Andrada (The University of Edinburgh) dares to ask. In her quest, she discovers that women are much more than they appear and accept far less than they deserve.

Sex, Drugs and Bilingualism

When it comes to sex, drugs and bilingualism, we fool ourselves if we believe we are objective, claims Thomas Bak (The University of Edinburgh).

These topics touch our social, moral and religious values as well as deep emotions, including the fear of the ‘loss of control’. Beneath the surface of seemingly rational scientific debates rages a war for our souls.

So, let's give up the illusion of ‘objective science’, admit that everybody is wrong (at least occasionally) and look together behind the scenes of the passionately fought ‘bilingualism wars’ to find out why we love/hate languages.

There is food served at this performance. Please find our more here

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    03 October 2019
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    17:00 approx
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    17:30 approx
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    18:30 approx
  • Duration:
    60 mins approx
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    18 And Above (18+)
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