Tobias Persson-One Thing Led to a Mother

Tony Jameson- The Rules of Engagement

Alistair Green: Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm

Martin Mor: [kuh-MEE-dee-uhn]

Tom Allen: Life/Style

Sameena Zehra: Homicidal Pacifist

Silky: Tribute Act

Falafel, Houmous and Baba Ganoush

Ursula Burns-Get Divorced and Join the Circus

Seymour Mace presents Questionable Time!

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The Stand Fringe Interview - Josie Long
Created: Mon 4th August 2014 21:40 We’re only 5 days into the Fringe and Josie Long has kicked off in style pulling in big crowds and with a couple of 5 star reviews firmly tucked in her belt, the rest of the month is looking peachy. Before the Fringe, we caught up with Josie to see how preparations were going. Read More

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