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Fringe 2013 Reviews
**** Broadway Baby

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (or as the cool kids call it 'RHEFP') is back at The Stand.

Listen to every show on British Comedy Guide or on itunes.

'The King of Edinburgh' List Richard Herring returns for a third year of podcast interviews with the Fringe's biggest stars and stand-up from the best new talent (check the list below). Gossip, prizes, surprises, swearing and Fringe recommendations. Herring asks the questions others daren’t ask and also ones that no one else would think of.  Watch him physically and mentally decline as the weeks pass by. A different show every day, though reassuringly exactly the same. Download them all from iTunes or the British Comedy Guide! But it’s even better live. Plus you can win stuff! In memory of Kenneth Kendall.

Podcast Guests
Wed 31st : Jenny Éclair (main guest), Alfie Brown (stand-up)
Fri 2nd: David Baddiel (main guest), Katie Mulgrew (stand-up)
Sat 3rd: Norman Lovett (main guest), Christian Reilly (stand-up)
Sun 4th: Brendon Burns, John Lloyd (main guests), Keith Farnan (stand-up)
Mon 5th: Susan Calman (main guest), Lee Camp (stand-up)
Tue 6th: Rory McGrath, Josh Wiidicombe (main guests), Carly Smallman (stand-up)
Wed 7th: Ian Lavendar, Tony Law (main guests), Carey Marx (stand-up)
Thu 8th: Janey Godley  & Ashley Storrie (main guests), Doug Segal (stand-up)
Fri 9th: Omid Djalili (main guest), Doug Segal (stand-up)
Sat 10th: Michael Legge, David O'Doherty (main guests), Felicity Ward (stand-up)
Sun 11th: Greg Proops (main guest), Lost Voice Guy (stand-up)
Tue 13th: Milton Jones, Bo Burnham (main guests), Paul Gannon (stand-up)
Wed 14th: Sarah Millican (main guest), Geoff Norcott (stand-up)
Thu 15th: Sean Hughes, Paul Foot (main guests), Benny Boot (stand-up)
Fri 16th: Terry Alderton, Ardal O'Hanlon (main guests), Zoe Lyons (stand-up)
Sat 17th: Fred MacAulay, Colt Cabana (main guests), Nadia Kamil (stand-up)
Sun 18th: Al Murray, Paul Provenza (main guests), Sally-Anne Hayward (stand-up)
Mon 19th: Alexei Sayle (main guest), David Kay (stand-up)
Tue 20th: Peacock & Gamble (main guests), Dana Alexander (stand-up)
Wed 21st: Rob Delaney, Mark Thomas (main guests), Chris Stokes (stand-up)
Thu 22nd: Scroobius Pip, Paul Punter (main guests), Sarah Campbell (stand-up)
Fri 23rd: Ed Byrne, Bridget Christie (main guest), Luke Wright (stand-up)
Sat 24th:  Caroline Rhea, Barry from Watford (main guests), Alex Edelman (stand-up)
Sun 25th: Baconface, Martin Mor (main guests), Jarlath Regan (stand-up)
Mon 26th: Jason Manford (main guest), Wayne Mazadza (stand-up)


Show duration: 1hr

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